Messob Ethiopian Restaurant

In Los Angeles since 1985


Heart of Little Ethiopia

Even before there was a Little Ethiopia in Los Angeles, it was our mission to bring true Ethiopian Style cuisine to the residents and visitors of LA and surrounding cities.

Our dishes have always been crafted from authentic recipes, full of delicious flavor.


Messob basket.png

What is a “Messob” ?

A Messob is a traditional Ethiopian breadbasket that is interchangeably used as a communal dinning table as well as an Injera storing utensil.



The cultural way to Invite your friends to grab a bite. 

In the Amharic language, ENEBLA means "let's eat together".   

Invite and share with your friends



Our story

When brothers Berhanu and Getahun took over Messob Ethiopian Restaurant, their vision was clear and simple: craft and serve the freshest and most flavorful Ethiopian cuisine that Angelinos could ask for.

Three decades after Messob first opened it's doors in LA, their commitment still stands and holds true.

Today, Messob has grown into an institution in Little Ethiopia and has since been a favorite destination for the vegan community as well as foodies and tourists alike.

Come and enjoy our delicious meals that everybody loves